Organizational Culture Assessment

As a manager, you lay the foundation for the organizational culture of your business or organization, setting the standard for values and attitudes in your workplace. However, it is often difficult to see and feel your organizational culture and assess its effect because the optics are bad, you’re so close to it. A clear understanding of your business culture is crucial in times of flux, as when you are altering your business plan, hiring new staff, having to downsize or making an investment decision. We assist you in discovering the culture and creating a clear plan for how to use it to your advantage in strategic situations, and when looking toward a new business strategy. You don’t need more projects when hiring or changing plans, so this analysis is ideal before you face that transition. Matching the culture and the individual is an important part of assuring a great fit with new employees or new plans, just as a clear grasp of the culture enables you to guide your agency through other changes.