Executive Recruiting

We often find that businesses need help on both ends of the employment process: finding the right staff and ensuring that they stay. Our job is to help you understand how these two aspects of your approach to human resources are interconnected.

We assess your situation and provide clear guidance on how to become an “employer of choice,” one that the top talent wants to work for and doesn’t want to leave. Remember, maintaining an excellent staff is not a small commitment!

Executive Recruitment

Hiring your next executive or senior staff member is often a very difficult time for your agency. The task, however, offers an opportunity to move the agency forward. Our method for assisting with an executive search is different in several ways from the approach taken by other consultant firms. We insist on assessing the Board’s or Manager’s position on where the agency is going (your mission and vision) prior to the start of the search because you can only find the right person to take you forward or compliment your team when you really know where you are going.

Our process is also exclusive with you: we do not recruit for other agencies for an equivalent position while we are finding a leader or staff member for you. We insist on spending time with you to ensure that you are well prepared with selection methods that will evaluate candidates fairly and objectively and with purpose that clearly relates to your mission and vision. We conduct searches throughout the nation to find that crucial best fit for your organization. And you’ll be glad to know that we are consistently lower in cost because we are highly efficient and exercise control over expenses in our own organization.