Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the often-overlooked work of setting direction for your organization. It’s here that the leaders of a public agency put wheels on the vision. Our methods of getting your strategy on paper and putting a corresponding yearly work plan into place provide a practical basis for driving your agency forward. This process also establishes the unity of purpose that your constituents expect from your agency. Providing a deliberate plan for all stakeholders to “see” is vital to your credibility as a public entity.

Benefits of BHI ‘s Strategic Planning Service

  • Provides a clear, comprehensive 5-year plan
  • Outlines the plan for all interested parties
  • Allows the Board to set clear direction for staff
  • Prepares plans for mitigation of vulnerabilities that may threaten the District
  • Provides clear linkage of work plans from Mission to Strategy to Goals


  • 5 – year roadmap for the agency
  1. Tabular strategic overview for clarity
  2. Input opportunities for employees, public, partner agencies and other stakeholders
  3. Executive summary
  4. Board workshop
  5. Staff populated strategy
  • Self-maintenance plan to keep the five-year plan rolling and up to date
  • Deliberate and explicit linkage to the Mission of the Agency