Organizational Health Assessments

An organizational health assessment examines several areas of your organization and performs gap analyses to assess where you might best benefit from clarifying, training, defining, tightening systems or setting direction/planning. While our assessment looks at many standardized aspects of your business, the full scope of the assessment is driven by you, to assure proper coverage.

We generally assess your foundational statements and documents such as the mission statement, vision and core values. We look for clear linkage between your foundational elements and the annual work or business and capital improvement plan, policies and procedures. We look for strong supervisory direction and performance in order to assure employee satisfaction.

We conduct employee group surveys or focus groups with the survey instruments that you endorse and help design. We also assess your job descriptions, performance appraisal system and employee handbook against any previously set standards or internal policy and practice. We review your organizational chart and determine if stacking and lineage is optimized for efficiency.

We provide you with a complete report that includes findings and recommendations. A finalized organizational assessment typically leads to the need to tighten loose ends within the agency that will mitigate organizational vulnerabilities that could eventually lead to trouble and costly overhaul level changes.