About Brent Ives

In 1997, after 20 years as a technical manager and an additional nine as a contract trainer and consultant, Brent Ives decided to form BHI Management Consulting in order to best share his knowledge of management and organizational behavior, his experiences, lessons learned and hard knocks. It was clear to him that the need was especially great among Special Districts, public agencies, nonprofits and small businesses.

Since that time, BHI has trained hundreds of managers from all walks of the public sector and business. Throughout, we have always employed a practical, no-nonsense style. What’s been found is that many smaller organizations grow so fast they find themselves with few experienced and trained managers to handle issues that expansion brings.They find themselves needing strategy, structure and guidance to adjust their organization to its increasing scale. In some cases, years go by before they seek remedial help. BHI has experience lending its expertise to both young and established organizations.

We are dedicated to helping your organization lay an improved foundation to support your current situation and the direction in which you are headed. We do not espouse programs in which academics train managers how to manage. We believe that managers should mentor, guide and train managers. Seasoned managers are sensitive to the workplace variables that make the difference between one approach and another. They know the program that works in someone else’s organization will not be a cookie-cutter fix for yours.

We have yet to hear from a client who parted company with BHI unhappy with our services or products. Please take a look at our webinars, on-demandĀ trainingĀ and other resources. And please don’t hesitate to call or email. This free initial consultation will be a few minutes well spent.